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2010 - 2022

KBR Inc. (STS)


UX, Graphics & Technical - eLearning


I worked in UX, eLearning and my role is not only to help develop training and development but also any engineering graphics in a Marine environment, including Engineering Drawing. I also assisted the Communications Team with Graphic Design. 

I was part of an amazing team that managed to make impossible projects possible while working with few resources (client source data) working with extremely short deadlines and hardly any budget.

If there are any mistakes made, they are corrected quickly, and they become lessons to simplify and improve the processes and eventually perfect our craft to deliver products and services which leave our clients coming back for more.

Here are some of the problems I solve for my employer:
1- Organise complexity and make sense of any storyline for each eLearning lesson I develop.
2- I enhance pictures provided by subject matter experts to use in the lesson I am working on.
3- I produce engineering drawings, diagrams, and illustrations for my lessons or any others.
4- I clarify points that are ambiguous or unclear to stakeholders to improve the outcomes.
5- I provide graphic design and visual communication for both eLearning and marketing when needed.
6- I incorporate blended media for the lessons I produce or for my workmates e.g 3D.
7- I fix small snippets of code to improve not only layouts by 3D models.
8- Web design when needed, eg. web banners, wireframes, info. architecture, etc.
9- I produce engineering drawings, and technical illustrations and simplify extremely complex information.
10- Able to design and produce blended learning using Adobe CC and any other software.
11- I am able to produce high-quality visual communication pieces when needed.
12- I produce lofi and hifi prototypes, even on Articulate Rise.
13- Conducting need-finding interviews.
14- Drafting questionnaires in order to understand user needs.
15- Drawings and diagrams using Adobe Animate, Illustrator, and Photoshop for eLearning.
16- User journey mapping and pinch point identification to simplify complexity.
17- UI design for software and app development.
18- Providing mentoring and teaching other members of the team new skills and knowledge.

2004 - 2010



UX, UI Design and Engineering Drawing


Even though I was originally employed as a multimedia dev, I worked as a technical illustrator and graphic designer dealing with very complex mechanical and electronic systems in a naval environment for some branches of the Australian, US defence forces and other allied militaries around the world with a high degree of secrecy and professionalism.

I met many challenges like tight deadlines, understanding poor quality client data, and to a lesser degree language barriers (Navantia Spain), and yet, I managed to deliver extremely high quality, praise-worthy designs and engineering-related products, both digitally and in print form.

Here are some of the duties I successfully performed:
1- I designed covers for contract tenders and any other visuals such as charts, diagrams, etc.
2- Simplified complex engineering systems by breaking them up into different parts in order to be read.
3- I produced diagrams and other training aids adhering to DefAus standards for the Aus Navy.
4- Developed graphics and visual elements for training and development.
5- Designed training programs and training aids while working at the Training Services Faculty, Aus Navy.
6- I worked with Adobe Flash to help simplify and improve information architecture for training apps.
7- Helped design and refine aspects of the company’s branding.
8- Assisted the print shop by setting up manuals and any other print materials.
9- I helped with web design, provided rough prototypes, and managed the design process.
10- Designing simple logos for some products, such as Navy crests.
11- I helped clean and enhance photographs for the Navy for them to appear on their banners, etc.
12- Provided guidance, and skill-sharing with my colleagues and other stakeholders.
13- Developing style guides, branding guides, and iconography for many projects.
14- Providing fact-based and current knowledge advice on engineering drawing practices.
15- I produced many pdf printable documents and PowerPoint presentations for management.






2001- 2020



Director of Design


This was my own business where I performed different roles from basic graphic & web design to User Experience, Customer Experience, and research.

Here are some of the services I provided:

  1.  Logo design for micro and small businesses - Builders, Hairdressers, Fitness

  2.  Corporate Identity services in the fitness, financial and beauty industries 

  3.  Web design including interactive, scalable, and responsive for small business  

  4.  User Experience and usability for new and existing apps and websites 

  5.  Promotional material design for sporting clubs 

  6.  Some digital photography 

  7.  Insignia design for Military clients 

  8.  EBooks and manuals to be downloaded online 


Covid was the catalyst for me to reassess my priorities and I decided I no longer wanted to work on weekends and started having more time with my family and loved ones.






2016 - 2018



Student Mentor


This was a voluntary position where I helped students with their career goals, provided design guidance and advice, and also provided academic insight into design and sometimes Architecture.








Graphic/Web Project Supervisor

I provided training and guidance to unemployed project participants for the 'Work for The Dole' scheme.


Voluntary work

04 experience

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