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02 about

Welcome to! I'm Louis (Levi Aplebaunn) Salguero, a seasoned design professional with over 23 years of experience across various design disciplines, from freelance work to corporate settings.

My mission is to offer top-tier graphic, web, and UX design at competitive rates. Unlike larger studios, I operate as an individual, minimizing overhead costs while maintaining access to robust resources.

I specialize in providing graphic solutions tailored to small businesses—whether it's enhancing the image of hair salons, fitness trainers, financial brokers, or industry leaders. Each project enriches my understanding of diverse industry needs, fueling my growth as a designer.

At the heart of my services lie websites and graphic design. In an era flooded with design tools like Canva, I emphasize the pitfalls of DIY solutions: potential brand inconsistency and the misconception that cheapest is best. Design is about expertise and art direction, not just mixing and matching elements.

I streamline the design process, ensuring a seamless journey from initial consultation to the final product. My commitment is to exceed expectations and foster long-term partnerships.

If you seek thoughtful, meticulously crafted designs, you've found the right place. I prioritize quality over speed, delivering visually stunning outcomes with every project.

Let's connect on LinkedIn! I welcome connections with growth-minded individuals who share my passion for design and innovation.


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02 business t-shape skills

02 my ux design process

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02 Where I fit in UX/ui

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Note: I am NOT a dedicated researcher but I have done some and I want to build on that skillset.

02 my values

Honesty, humility & grace
Growth mindset

I thrive on delivering unique experiences in seamless and stylish ways for all my end users.

For any business, leaving a positive impression translates to increased business and enhanced brand awareness—a philosophy I prioritize.

My strong work ethic drives me to consistently deliver excellence. I take pride in maintaining high standards in everything I do.

In the fast-evolving world of design, maintaining a 'growth mindset' is crucial as technology advances rapidly. Keeping our skill sets updated is essential both professionally and personally.

This growth extends beyond our careers—it influences us spiritually and contributes to personal growth, fostering a better world.

Personally, I advocate for peaceful resolutions over conflict, believing that war is no longer the answer to solving our global challenges.

Honesty, humility, and grace are essential for fostering positive relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, and the public.

I prioritize delivering positive outcomes that transcend mere transactions, fostering strong business relationships and partnerships.

Maintaining warmth is crucial to me—I believe in preserving a human touch, embodying compassion and empathy that never goes out of style.

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"I thrive on delivering unique experiences in seamless and stylish ways for all my end users."

02 personal facts

In 2019, I achieved a bronze medal in Kumite (karate) at the GKR Victorian State Championships, narrowly missing the finals by just one point.

Although challenging, this experience left me with cherished memories and a strong determination to continually improve and strive for greater success.

Additionally, I earned another bronze medal in Spartan, further showcasing my dedication and competitive spirit.

I am proud to be the first in my family to attain a postgraduate degree. Despite facing challenges, including leaving a private school in Year 8, I was not initially afforded many opportunities to succeed in life.


However, through perseverance and the development of strong self-awareness, I am on a path towards a brighter future. My journey is not only driven by my design skills but also by my commitment to personal growth and self-improvement.

I proudly served in the Armed Forces, where I had the honor of teaching technical trades to young ADF personnel.


My dedication and contributions were recognized with a commendation from former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett for my participation in the 50th anniversary of the Australian Reserve Forces.


As a veteran, I carry forward a deep sense of pride in my service and continue to uphold the values instilled in me during my military career.

02 fitness - spartan ocr

Spartan OCR has been instrumental in channeling my energy towards leading a healthy and productive life, benefiting my fitness, family, friendships, and career. As a former Spartan Brand Ambassador, my mission was to cultivate a positive environment where individuals could challenge themselves beyond perceived limits.


I am passionate about inspiring others to push boundaries and achieve their fullest potential.

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