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02 about

Thanks for visiting, I am Louis (Levi Aplebaunn) Salguero.

I have been a design professional for over 23 years in many aspects of design, both as a freelancer and working in corporate.

My aim is to provide superior graphic, web, UX design at a fraction of the price, I am an individual and I don't have the same overheads as a studio but, I have the same level of resources.

I provide graphics for small businesses, such as hair salons, fitness trainers, financial brokers, industry leaders, and other amazing clients who trust me with their image, which helps me grow as a designer because all industries have different wants and needs.

The very core of my business is websites and graphic design. In the age of Canva, there are so many excellent resources, but the pitfalls are, the vast amount to choose from, and the potential lack of consistency if you DIY and cheaper is not always better.

I tried to simplify the processes, e.g. from initial contact/consultation to the finished product, and I aim to over-deliver and develop long-term relationships/partnerships.

If you want a slow, well-cooked, and tasty design, you have come to the right place, I don't rush, I think about what I do and deliver stunning outcomes.

You can also connect with me on Linkedin, any like-minded (growth-minded) individuals please feel free to connect! on Linkedin. 

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02 business t-shape skills

02 my ux design process

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02 Where I fit in UX/ui

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Note: I am NOT a dedicated researcher but I have done some and I want to build on that skillset.

02 my values

Growth mindset
Honesty, humility & grace

I thrive delivering unique experiences in seamless and stylish ways for ALL my end users.

This is important to me because for any business, leaving a positive impression translates to more business and positive brand awareness.

This also has to do with my strong work ethic to always do the best I can, I am proud to have a strong work ethic.

Having a 'growth mindset' is a must in the world of design as technology evolves at a dizzying pace; we must keep our skill sets up.

This happens both professionally, personally and spiritually because as we grow we become better people and help our world become a better place.

I no longer believe war is the answer to solve our problems.

Honesty, humility and grace are important in order to promote positive relationships with our colleagues, stakeholders and the public.


I deliver positive outcomes on more holistic levels, e.g. positive business relationships and partnerships.

Warmth is also a must, I believe in keeping my human touch and compassion, empathy never dates.

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"i thrive delivering
unique experiences
in seamless and
stylish ways for ALL my END users"

02 personal facts

I won a bronze medal in Kumite (karate) in 2019 at the GKR Victorian state championships.

I missed out going into the finals by one single point, but the experience has left me with fond memories and a yearning to better myself and do one better.

I also got bronze in Spartan.

I am the first in my family to have a postgraduate degree, when I was in year 8, I got spelled from private school.

After that, I wasn't given much of a chance to do well in life, and I am on my way to a greater life, not only due to my design skills but because of me developing a high degree of self-awareness.

I have served in the Armed forces and I have taught technical trades to young ADF personnel.

I received a commendation from former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett for taking part of the 50th anniversary of the Australian Reserve Forces.

And I am a proud veteran.

02 fitness - spartan ocr

I do Spartan OCR to help me channel my energy to help me lead a healthy and productive life, not only in terms of fitness but with family, friends, and career.

I am a Brand Ambassador, aiming to foment and create a positive environment for all who want to challenge and push themselves to limits they didn't think possible.

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