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Written Content - Storyboarding


KBR - UX, Graphics & Technical - eLearning


Some of the things I had to do was to create and follow storyboards drafted by me or other training developers and any other SMEs in the Engineering training materials I worked with in a Naval environment.

Not only did I follow and adapted the training to suit, but I also had to find keywords in order to elaborate on teaching points and validate concepts in order to make learning more relevant.

Due to my engineering background, the lessons were often easy to design and write for because I could fill the gaps and by doing so, make the learning outcome more poignant and easy to achieve.

One of the things I tried to promote with my team, stakeholders, and SMEs, was the concept of 'chunking' which is a term describing bite-size written content when writing for the web or remote learning.

By eliminating large blocks of text, we have the student room to 'breathe' and make sense of often technical and rather complex online content. See the sample below.

LX - Chunking.jpg
Graphics and Visual Communication


KBR - UX, Graphics & Technical - eLearning


ADDIE was something I used to keep in mind whenever I was involved with eLearning. It is important to me, as it provides consistent LX (learning experience) to the students.

I used Articulate Rise/360, Xerte, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel and I produced graphics like the one below describing what ADDIE is.

LX - ADDIE.jpg

Photo Manipulation


KBR - UX, Graphics & Technical - eLearning


I also manipulated photos to make them simpler or to be used in interactive hot-spotting or mouse over where students would use their mouse to hover over critical parts of the picture to reveal information or similar with hot-spotting, having a description pop up or to be taken to a different and more explicit part of the lesson.

See the picture below as a comparison of how I got the source data images and how much detail was taken out for them to be used as an interactive element.


Interactive and Multimedia


KBR - UX, Graphics & Technical - eLearning


Once the pictures have been cleaned and enhanced, I used apps like Articulate, Xerte, Adobe Animate in order to make it interactive either with hot-spotting or mouseovers.


BushMaster interactive.jpg
iMac Template BM 3.jpg
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